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How to solve the fault noise of the electric control box of the electric pallet truck

by:Jiexian     2021-08-13

An electric pallet truck is a freight vehicle that uses storage batteries as its main energy source, and it can also be called an electric truck. This type of vehicle is very common in our lives. Users should pay attention to the vehicle battery, load, tire, and other component systems when purchasing. During the use of the vehicle, due to improper operation or long use time, some use failures will inevitably occur, such as the noise caused by the failure of the vehicle component system. In the face of such failures, the relevant solutions are as follows:

The noise caused by the failure of the electric control box of the electric pallet truck is generally the current sound. You should check whether the current connector is faulty, or some contacts have appeared Ageing. In this case, the contacts and connectors should be replaced immediately before the noise can be eliminated.

If it is the noise caused by the friction between the electric gears during the driving of the electric truck, the vehicle should be stopped immediately, and then the operation of the electric gears should be checked in turn to see if the operation is normal. Whether the outer surface of the lower electric gear is damaged, whether the center axis can be deviated from the position, etc., will cause abnormal noise of the gear oil.

It should be noted that the noise in different parts also indicates that the faults are different, so the actual inspection needs to be carried out immediately before the correct treatment can be made.

Pay attention to related maintenance matters when using electric pallet trucks. Do not overcharge the battery. In summer, the temperature is high. You should pay attention to checking the tire pressure of the vehicle. In order to ensure the good performance and long service life of electric trucks, daily and periodic inspections and maintenance of the vehicles are indispensable.

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