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How to test the brightness of the dining car of the electric sightseeing car paint

by:Jiexian     2021-08-12
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The lacquer is as smooth as a mirror, giving people a sense of refreshing spirit, matt paint [The concept is also called 'matt paint】Elegant and soft, easy to maintain, but the paint factory has spread a word: matte paint that can be made with paint. Electric sightseeing car [Electric sightseeing car is also called sightseeing electric car. It is a type of electric car used in the area. It can be divided into residential car, electric classic car, and small golf cart. 】 Lacquer is usually used lacquerware, but if the gloss of the paint film is not enough, what should I do?

The seagulls below can paint with you to analyze the reasons. The finer the fineness of the pigment grinding in the electric sightseeing car paint, the better the dispersion uniformity of the substrate, which helps to form a flat and smooth paint film, that is, the higher the light of the paint film that is usually seen. When Yenki is the concentration of the pigment, the higher the Low gloss.

Its purpose is also to measure the fineness of pigments to achieve the concentration ratio of pigments and coatings to adjust gloss. The paint gloss is not enough. Two points can be seen. One is that the paint grinder of the manufacturer is not up to the standard, and the other is that the proportion of the formula is not well deployed. When purchasing paint for electric sightseeing cars, manufacturers should pay attention to the manufacturer’s qualifications and the first proofing test. Secondly, when spraying sightseeing cars, pay attention to the base material being smoothed and clean. Before spraying, follow the instructions of the electric sightseeing car paint manufacturer to mix the good paint together. Do not rely on your own experience to adjust the paint ratio. If the gloss of the paint after painting is insufficient, you can cover it with varnish and then test it with a color measuring instrument.

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