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How to use high-quality electric snack carts reasonably

by:Jiexian     2021-08-19

Everyone must know the application of    electric snack carts. Nowadays, snack cart products can be seen everywhere, so what should we do first when using snack carts? Next, let our professional staff explain it for you, I hope it will be helpful to you.

  Pour proper water into the grease collection basin of the electric snack truck to maintain a certain amount of water to prevent drying. If the water is dry, pull out the bottom of the stove and add water. Ignition confirmation: When the igniter ignites the ceramic plate, a beam of flame can be seen rushing to the burning plate, igniting the entire burning plate.

   If there is no light blue flame on the ceramic plate, this is not ignited, please re-ignite until it ignites. A thin flame can be seen on the surface of the combustion plate at first, and the flame gradually recedes after about 1 minute, showing no open flame and redness and heat.

   Clean the tray, grilling net, etc. before using the electric snack cart to keep the machine clean and hygienic. The above three points are the related content of electric snack truck products. If you want to know more exciting information, please check our website for updates in time.

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