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How to use the flow in the summer - snack car Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-03
To be full of battery electric vehicle battery charging time for. Please attention, many moments when charging completes the indicator of the moment of annotation battery simply charge once upon a time, but also can not reach the level of 100%. ( We have talked about this question, behind the goal is to extend battery life) Timely detection electric car tire pressure. Under the condition of the tire pressure is not disorder, is the energy consumption. More save electricity for electric cars. Monitor tire pressure can often give electric cars. ( This time, my friends, but to be aware of, the hot season, the electric car tire pressure must not too high) Cut the use of alarm electric, electric diner coup unless necessary conditions to save power. Cut the use of alarm can aggravate the electric load of the battery. High temperature climate not charging in the sun insolates, more can't immediately after walking in charge. Choose as far as possible when charging a cool, ventilated drab environment, far the hot environment whammy in charging status, also can damage the battery and charger stature. In the process of using, should be based on practical situation accurately grasp the charging time and frequency. Charging excessive, excessive discharge and recharge shortage will shorten the battery life claim charge every day, so cell cycle, battery life extends claim charge every day, so make the battery light cycle, will extend battery life. The battery when charging plugs are fever, and heating time is longer, must immediately see if plug short-circuit may touch bad, should put the charger pull down, check the plug the presence of oxide, assume that exist in a timely manner will go oxide eradication.
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