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Huge Bar Trailer For Sale

Huge Bar Trailer For Sale


        It has an 8 ft hood with fire suppression system for its 4 burners range with oven, 28″ griddle, and two deep fryers, and a steam table. Its cooling equipment features a walk in cooler, two tower beer faucets, a chef base & stainless steel refrigerator, and a stainless steel freezer. In addition, there is a sandwich prep, freestanding glass door merchandiser, and french fry warmer conveniently.

        It has plenty of work tables and shelving space to work with multiple staff inside. You can also modify it to add a pantry or storage room, if needed.

        It has three windows side by side so you can guide your customers’ traffic by order here and pick here lines. It has a powerful generator and two propane tanks. It includes a full electrical, plumbing and propane systems, including two propane tanks.

        The graphic design was installed with specialty, quality vinyl for the exterior of the concession trailer.

        The mounted exterior TV is a great add on to display menus, or host sporting events or anything that can attract the crowd your way.

        If you wish to order a bar trailer for sale like this one, or you would like to have a custom bar trailer built, then, call us now. We want you business! We can design and install your graphics or custom wrap in-house as well.

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