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Idle when considerations - electric dining car Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-27
Electric diners with life rhythm speeding up, a lot of people in the morning to make breakfast in a hurry to go to work, then the existence of the vehicle freed people's stomach, but assume that long time put aside don't use it will speed up the car's aging, so must make maintenance work in limited time, so what's the attention matters in the process of maintenance? ( 1) Pay a small vehicle, allow it to put has cooked food. To establish a small play. Then the gas stove, water tank and refrigerator car parts equipment. ( 2) Prepare every day a few cuisines, for customers to choose, a week or so to replace all the dishes. Every time from work, the dining car parked at the customer through work local sale. ( 3) For operating license, etc. Diners about 7000 yuan, the equipment investment 3000 yuan, the material bought 1500 yuan a month, dealing with legal procedures, 300 yuan, other costs 600 yuan. Earnings account for each meal ( Including food) 3 - 10 yuan, profitability is at least 50% above, such as good dishes, bearing a safe month income four yuan is normal. Food truck is a small investment, see the fast good projects. Its ultimate customers are those who love to eat fresh food, now many men who love fresh food, only the supply of vegetables taste not bad, the price is cheap, style diversity, activities, dining car have the customer not to visit.
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