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If electric dining car suddenly still how should solve? - - - - - - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-12
Electric diner is a common street snacks our car, it's beautiful lunch, don't demand too much, can supply delicacies food for people in the streets. And sometimes we are using electric dining car, suddenly, only to find that it will not move on, check the battery is not short, what reason be? Electric diners have electricity but can't move, can press the following way to deal with. First, whether the shift switch peace. Replace the insurance. Second, admitted burned, switch the yellow/black and yellow or brown line is connected; Assume that not connected, you can replace it. Then, look at the electronic shift is normal. Other, DC touch device are inhaled, on both ends of the device with a multimeter to check the DC voltage is normal, 60V) , abnormal, replacing DC touch; There was something wrong with the previous DC touch device, has now been control. Then, look at the controller is normal. Later, to see if a machine is normal. In fact, the electric diners can present these problems, we must be due to the unreasonable use of usually, but there is no need to worry of these problems, we can according to the above ways to deal with the problem very well, so in addition to know more about the repair of common sense, we still need to love our electric dining car, to ensure its using life spans. Electric made from stainless steel dining car, using his long, beautiful and does not hurt the body. In addition, the green environmental protection was welcomed by customers. The traditional burn oven there will be many cigarette ash. Electric diners to ensure environmental protection on the basis of, to ensure that all kinds of snacks in excellent manufacturing with burning, speed up the fire, the output value.
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