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If winter comes, electric dining car care cannot be lax

by:Jiexian     2020-09-22
Electric diners are not only good liquidity and dainty appearance, fine about the atmosphere, powerful function, can make many kinds of nutrition and health food, satisfied the different needs of customers, warm welcome from the modern people's love, has been widely used in large factories, airports, schools, hospitals, hotels and other places. In October, the weather began to cool, many cities are under the snow in north China, winter has come, the dining car care can't slack off. Electric dining car battery in store when it is strictly prohibited in kui electricity situation. Kui status refers to the electric dining car without charge in time after use. In the electrical condition check the battery, it is easy to appear the sulfuric acid salinization, lead sulfate crystal attached on the plate, can jam electric ion channels, cause lack of charging, the battery capacity decline. Losing electricity situation idle moments, the longer the heavier battery damage. Thus, electric diners sit idle, should supplement electricity once a month, so can keep the battery condition. Regular inspection in use process, if the line continuation of dining car mileage suddenly dropped dramatically in a short time, is a good chance that at least a battery in the battery pack problem. At this point, should be timely to the agent sales center or maintenance department to check, repair, or group. This can relatively prolongs the service life of the battery pack, to save your spending. Electric diners were being built before the use should check whether on canned liquefied petroleum gas pipelines and can be used only if a prison. To oil collecting basin into the appropriate moisture, maintain water, prevent dryness. If the water has dried, want to take out the stove chassis, and then adding water. When the electric igniter of diners lit up. A bunch of flame on the burning plate, the whole combustion board lit. If you did not see a light blue flame, ceramic plate on this is not lit, please ignition again, until it is light. Burning initially visible flame thin plate surface, flame gradually subsided after about 1 minute, show the halogen-light and transmition. When we maintain good main is to maintain its batteries and then there are the car itself, when the body in the winter rain and snow weather frozen let's early can do bedclothes to avoid damage to the body! Economic and technological development zone of Texas food better processing plant is food better mobile, multi-function diners snack car, mobile Fried string snacks breakfast car, snacks and other products professional production and processing of the company. Has a complete and scientific quality management system and good faith, the strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance. To good food's official website consulting service for more discount, order sent 4 sets of snacks. Multi-functional snack car mobile diners at the same time to learn more about problems, also can leave a message below tell small make up or everybody to discuss.
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