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Instructions for maintenance of electric sightseeing car

by:Jiexian     2021-08-14

Electric sightseeing vehicles are a type of regional electric vehicles, mainly using batteries as the main energy source. Therefore, users should pay attention to the capacity and quality of the vehicle battery when buying a vehicle. A good quality battery has a longer service life. Of course, if you pay attention to maintenance, you can also extend the use time of the sightseeing car.

When maintaining an electric sightseeing car, you can refer to the following points or items:

(1) Before using the sightseeing car, Check the quality of each system and parts.

(2) It is not recommended to be used on sand, gravel, and bumpy roads. After use, check the battery and charge it in time. The most important thing in the maintenance of electric vehicles is the maintenance of the battery.

(3) Before charging, remove the vehicle key, turn off the power of the electric vehicle, open the battery cover, and pay attention to ventilation. Because hydrogen gas is generated during charging, care should be taken to prevent open flames.

(4) When the battery level is insufficient, add special distilled water for the battery. It should be noted that if you add unqualified liquid such as tap water or small bottle of replenisher, the battery will be damaged!

(5) It is best to charge fully each time, but don't overcharge, don't over discharge, which may damage the battery. When the battery is empty, it should not be stored directly.

(6) When the battery is abnormal, the mileage is drastically reduced or the battery is not used for power consumption, please check and handle it. It is recommended to store the battery in a cool and dry place and avoid exposure to the sun.

Electric sightseeing cars are more used in tourist attractions. The elderly are also very suitable for picking up children when traveling, and for simple travel. The most important maintenance items are the maintenance of batteries or batteries.

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