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Introduce the advantage of this kind of electric carts for us Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-08
Electric diners to win broad entrepreneurs like small make up feel low capital must be selected a guest, is not a precious rental housing, especially in the business district administrative region, maybe, a small firm price is not cheap, especially about just prepare poineering person, there is big, not other appropriate. And even if rented a house, then store boss always needs to decorate, adornment also needs to spend money. Diners completely don't need bother but activities, the internal structure can be selected according to their requirements, whether it is Fried can do is boiled, like Fried bun, steamed stuffed bun and other early breakfast can be made. More important to be able to move at any time, don't be restricted by the region. And price is only just a few points a few shops, about the entrepreneurial team, is the best. Second one important reason is the dining car all the structure is compact, and dainty, have the feature such as environmental protection, economy, low noise, also is said dainty bento is gen geeks love, because no matter in any local, a diner to be able to start their own businesses, not many people want to? Why so many people love this new electric diners, finally found the answer, trust more and more people with a different suitable own electric dining car, will be receiving. Electric carts is applicable to large factories, airport, school, hospital, hotel and other places of meals. Due to these places, the models of intrusive and carts have high requirements such as noise. Therefore, reilly's vehicle industry specialized planning out of the finished a really healthy environmental protection, energy saving, comfortable meet the different needs of customers of electric carts. Then by small make up for the let's introduce the advantage of this kind of electric carts. 1, streamlined body planning electric carts with tight structure, modelling is novel, beautiful appearance, quick speed, strong climbing talent, travel journey. 2, fission body planning electric carts choose split type body, easy to use repair in the future, replacement parts, the same type manufacturer integrated planning, dramatically reduced repair capital. 3, selection of roof separation structure can be fond of according to the customer to replace interior structure, easy to repair. Choose the ceiling interior materials have excellent heat insulation, thermal insulation effect; Interior noise, trek crew ride comfort and safety. 4, disc brake the first application of disc brake to electric carts, walk on the customer's safety index greatly. Disc brake under the hydraulic power braking force large and stable, have all sorts of pavement in excellent braking, the braking performance is far higher than that of drum brake, and directly through the air disc brake disc, so the disc brake cooling function is very good, to prevent the phenomenon of hot lid. Good braking effect, high safety coefficient. 5 bus chassis, chassis planning planning used in electric carts, strengthened the came to sex, and security.
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