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Introduce the marketing plan of the food truck

by:Jiexian     2021-08-16

Mobile operation: It can be sold in busy downtowns, supermarkets, night markets, schools, scenic spots, stations, docks and other places with high crowd density, and the business will definitely be booming. In this way, there is almost no need to invest in fixed assets, avoiding facade rent and decoration costs, and there is no risk at all. It is most suitable for franchisees who are starting a business for the first time and whose capital strength is weak.

Store operation: Stores can be opened in prosperous areas for large-scale operations. When the first store is on the right track, and then seek to expand and develop, you can set up a few more points in the same city. Internal operations: such as schools, hotels, restaurants, enterprises or institutional canteens, etc., practice has proved that this cost is low, and the sales volume is large and stable.

Leasing operation: In tourist areas, especially natural scenic spots, equipment can be rented out, and some barbecue ingredients and seasonings can be prepared. The rent is collected and the raw materials are sold. Double copies make money. This kind of operation must have innate conditions, that is, within the scope of tourist attractions, it is best to cooperate with tourism companies. Store operation: open in supermarkets, restaurants and other stores. Use the flow of people in these places to make money.

Hire people to operate: Hire 5-10 employees, use multiple snack trucks to occupy places with large local traffic, that is, 5--10 mobile stalls. Each stall helps you earn 100-300 yuan per day, and the daily income is several thousand yuan. Varieties: It is better to set 30-40 varieties per day. It attracts more customers with environmental protection and hygiene, fresh varieties, unique flavors, and good health care functions. Some varieties can be rotated every 10 days.

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