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Introduce the related functions of the Mala Tang snack cart

by:Jiexian     2021-08-17

Mala Tang: The grass root delicacy closest to the common people, with regular customers throughout the year. Various vegetables, fresh meat, poultry eggs, mushrooms, aquatic products, and soy products are carefully pierced on the sticks, and they are pushed into the high temperature. The true birth and death, the desire and the nutrients are in harmony, the bubble is hot: The red soup is mellow, the bone soup is nourishing, the clear soup is fragrant, and the seafood soup has nutrients. It is a kind of characteristic base soup, flying in the sky, running on the ground, and swimming in the water.

Smoke-free barbecue: many types and tastes, including grilled wings, grilled skewers, grilled chicken legs, grilled chicken steaks, grilled vegetables, grilled raw Dozens of types such as fruit, grilled fish, grilled seafood, etc. The grilled food is golden in color, imported crispy, tender and smooth, rich in nutrients, clean and hygienic, and addictive to eating, and never tire of eating.

Teppan barbecue: grill all kinds of meat skewers, vegetables, fruits, chicken wings, fish, soy products, etc. on a board, the outer layer is crispy and refreshing, and the inside is rich The taste is strange, tender and delicious, and the meat has a rich flavor. After eating, the fragrance is full and intriguing. The common taste makes people want more and more. A taste will become a repeat customer, good business every day.

Hot and sour noodles (rice noodles): hot and sour noodles (rice noodles): hot and sour and refreshing, spicy but not dry, fragrance is overflowing, and then mixed with the characteristic nutrient bone soup, the taste is mellow and deepens the heart , Intriguing, the more you eat, the more addictive you get. It can be used to make red soup mellow hot and sour noodles or clear soup fresh fragrant hot and sour noodles. There are many loyal fans of each taste.

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