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Introduce the technology of multifunctional snack cart

by:Jiexian     2021-08-15

Mix all kinds of meat and vegetarian food ingredients with special seasonings and deep-fry them. Chicken thighs, boneless fragrant chicken fillets, coffee crispy steaks, fragrant pork ribs skewers, crispy chicken sticks, crispy rosy fish steaks, fancy flavors There are dozens of varieties such as meatballs, golden sweet potato balls, drunken pork loin skewers, and spicy haichang fish. When frying, the fragrance floats all over the street, the outside is crispy and the inside is tender, and the aftertaste is full of aftertaste. After eating it once, it is addictive. It is unstoppable delicious temptation and unstoppable wealth.

The variety is rich, the meat is fresh and fragrant, full of rich coke aroma. Meat skewers, chicken wings, seafood, and vegetables are marinated in'multi-flavored marinade powder', and then brushed with'piaoxiang oil' before being grilled in the oven. The meat skewers are plump, not greasy, beautiful in color, and the meat skewers are not burnt. They are'golden in color' and'delicious'. Hundreds of varieties allow you to change different tastes, good business every day.

Use a variety of spices to secretly make the shabu soup base, and mix it with the fresh fragrant hot boiled with bones to make the Piaoxiang shabu soup, and put in a variety of meat and vegetable foods After the skewers are cooked, choose at will, hold the skewers one by one and eat. The aroma is tangy when it is scalded, and the taste is full of fragrance. After eating, the mouth and nose are fragrant, and the aftertaste is long. It is a green and healthy shabu dish that is well received by consumers.

This kind of flavor is magical and delicious, with a unique exotic flavor. Everywhere you go, every family has a hot business, and the first to introduce it will trigger a food frenzy in the local area. It uses a variety of meats, squid, fruits and vegetables with secret spices. The taste is fresh and smooth, and it is mellow and intoxicating. You can't forget it, and you want to eat it if you see it! Oden: A full set of techniques for preparing oden broth and dipping sauce.

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