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Introduce you to the operation precautions of the hook arm sanitation vehicle

by:Jiexian     2021-08-16

The hook-arm sanitation vehicle is an environmentally friendly vehicle used in municipal sanitation, property management, factories, communities, and industrial and mining environments. The sanitation vehicle can also be called a detachable garbage truck. The garbage compartment of the vehicle can be completely separated from the chassis. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, high working efficiency, simple and convenient operation, etc. Users and friends should pay attention to the following items when operating the sanitation vehicle:

1. For the first use of the hook-arm sanitation vehicle, before loading garbage, When the no-load operation reaches 6 standard air pressures, hang up the power take-off and check the parts of the vehicle for leaks or other abnormal conditions. Only when everything is normal can it be put into use.

2. The operator is familiar with the structure and composition of the sanitation vehicle and understands the operating instructions.

3. When using, the weight of the garbage in the garbage compartment should not exceed the allowable range of the car.

4. Before packing work, it should be noted that the longitudinal beam of the vehicle body is located between the rollers at the rear of the sub-beam to ensure that the longitudinal center axis of the vehicle coincides with the longitudinal center axis of the body; Adjust the garbage weight appropriately to increase the throttle.

5. After the sanitation work is over, do the relevant work of dumping garbage and cleaning the car body; turn off the electromagnetic clutch in time.

There are so many precautions for the operation of hook-arm sanitation trucks. If you want to know more about garbage trucks, electric trucks and other product information, you can leave us a message or call for consultation.

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