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Introduction to the process of placing the garbage truck box on the hook-arm sanitation truck

by:Jiexian     2021-08-14

Hook-arm sanitation vehicles are a type of sanitation vehicles, which are mainly driven by batteries. Vehicles can be used in factories, communities, schools, municipal sanitation and other places. The relevant operators should be familiar with the main components of the vehicle and related operating instructions before using the vehicle. It is also very important to place the garbage truck box correctly when the sanitation truck is in use.

Steps for the hook-arm sanitation truck to place the garbage truck box:

1. After starting the truck, hang the power take-off, and The operating handle of the locking hook is pushed down to the retracted position, the locking cylinder is retracted, the locking frame is turned down, the turning frame is separated from the trash bin body, locked and fixed, and locked and fixed with the attached frame, loosen the handle to return it Middle position;

2. Pull the handle of the pull arm to the extended position, the cylinder of the pull arm extends, and the movable pull arm rotates around the hinge axis of the front hinge of the flip frame, and the trash can body along with the movable pull arm Flip, tilt and fall; it should be noted that when placing the trash box, do not stand at the rear of the carriage.

3. After placing the garbage truck box, adjust the position of the movable pull arm hook and the hook hook of the box body to make it unhook, push the pull arm operating handle down to the down position, retract the pull arm cylinder, and move it. The arm rotates around the front hinge axis of the overturning frame, the movable pull arm is put back on the attached frame, the power take-off trash can is released, and the whole vehicle can be transported and driven.

When the hook-arm sanitation vehicle is used, pay attention to clear out the trash can and do the related cleaning and maintenance work. For more details about the garbage truck, please leave a message to us for consultation.

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