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Is how to design - electric snack car Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-23
Electric snack car planning has always been on the trek in the journey, is also in order to meet the needs of different customers, so the planning personnel to introduce our comprehensive analysis about electric snack car detailed planning, hope our products will be our love, together look at the related introduction. Electric car choose snacks of planning is how to follow the economic income and life level also trek. People no longer satisfied with the snacks in the street car, because it is open to the health not ensure. Let's for this, introduced to the activity of the fully enclosed electric dining car. This car doors and Windows is novel, step talk: opening and closing doors and Windows in the novel structure and talk to welcome step, let use guest understand better. The new electric car snacks is to choose three layer of heat preservation planning * * *, waterproof thermal insulation cold; Car body with unique anti-corrosion processing data, the vehicle using the stature for 30 years, is to work with diners taking 5 times. Cars with stainless steel work station, stainless steel dish rack, sink, etc. , the following store content ark is placed, can be placed material things, and so on. Car body chooses big photo prints, beautiful and generous appearance, easy to attract wide attention to customer groups.
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