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It's so easy to operate a multifunctional food truck

by:Jiexian     2021-08-15

Advanced equipment such as barbecue with automatic transfer function and fully automatic freshly ground soymilk, truly realize mechanized and intelligent operation, without manual labor, and no need to worry about not having enough manpower. It is truly labor-saving, trouble-free, and worry-free. It also saves manual helpers. The fragrant food truck all the way saves high shop rental costs, cumbersome decoration costs, and reduces complexity; beautiful and generous appearance design.

The Fragrant Food Truck has many functions such as roasting, frying, frying, boiling, blanching, and boiling. In addition, it can be used Electricity, gas and wood carbon can also be used as energy source. The design is reasonable and the operation is simple. Products include North and South flavors, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and European flavors. Real-time updates, continuous improvement of styles and new ones. Special sauces and seasonings provide distributors with unique flavors.

All the way fragrance food truck has a variety of models, there is a large-scale, simple and land-saving comprehensive automatic barbecue petrel truck; there is a casual, close feeling Automatic barbecue caravan; there is a wide space to play, a wide range of integrated kitchen-style automatic barbecue caravans and more than ten kinds of models for you to make according to your strength and local actual conditions.

With free combination and flexible collocation, entrepreneurship is more'simple, effective and successful! ''Customer first, service at home' service tenet, all equipment provides one-year free warranty, lifetime maintenance, free follow-up technical upgrades, to ensure that your business is worry-free. It can become a flowing landscape, attracting more consumers.

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