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Jiexian food cart builds a late-night canteen, who is such a "late-night temptation"

Jiexian food cart builds a late-night canteen, who is such a "late-night temptation"


          There is no need for a sense of ritual. People from all walks of life gather together, with a sense of enthusiasm and noisy joy. In fact, it is not eating that infects people, but the crowds who travel in the middle of the night, brazenly and boldly, rushing to vent their energy in the name of eating supper. As night fell, on the riverside road in Guangzhou, in front of neat rows of mobile food trucks, "foodies" gathered one by one. They were in groups of three or five. On this night, they enjoyed their late-night canteen to the fullest.

          On the issue of eating, drinking, and having fun, the JieXian Food Truck will never let you go for a trip in vain. Uncle Turkey’s barbecue and ice cream, Akari Takoyaki, Huajiami Noodles, Emperor’s Roasted Chicken, Braised Fresh Takoyaki, Dried Noodles, 42℃ Rose Yogurt, all kinds of delicacies, all night without closing, instantly let you start "walking, shopping and eating "mode.

          At night, in addition to food, the charm of lighting is also a highlight of the night market. Lighting up light boxes, neon lights, lighting up landscape sketches... The Jiamei store car makes full use of various night travel scenes to wake up the commercial atmosphere and attract people to stop.

          Food + beautiful scenery, criss-crossing light lines, contrasting night market atmosphere, and fragrant food. Who can resist this "late night temptation"?

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