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Liquidity is snack car suitable for what kind of snacks - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-14
Street food is popular now, business is booming. Customers about food is can't resist, in order to meet the needs of customers, snack brands are also more and more on the market, attract the eyes of many stakeholders. Activity snack car do what snacks brief easy to make, suitable for a person of entrepreneurship snacks? Grains, pancakes, is one of traditional food in our country, with flipping, tune into a paste of miscellaneous oriented stand pancakes made from whole grains, there is also a fine flour. After flipping into cake moisture less than drab, shape is like leather, can be thick thin, lunch laminated, chewiness, resistance to hunger after food. Generally round, porous. Now we often see in daily life the streets to buy grain pancakes always stand, and customer continuously. Street to eat iron squid, wen xiang to far away, looking at vendor with a small shovel, split the squid, constantly turning the squid, listening to the noise of the oily be soiled with squid, sauce with a layer of paint, powder declared hard to resist. Food first taught to do iron squid is fastidious the ingredients fresh, clean sanitation, delicacies from food itself completely. No smell, a bit does not damage the flavor of food. And sizzling heat fast temperature is high, the ingredients can nimbly sophisticated, * * * degree level suffer from indigestion material of nutrients, taste is also unable to compare to have juice. Fried barbecue is a feature of recent years new snacks, just a few short years time spread across great river north and south, times around the fire. Food into edible oil to heat, Oil liquid level height is higher than the food) 。 The primary characteristic of Fried food is very sweet, very crisp, people love. Xiangxi small string actually also is a kind of barbecue, xiangxi only small string first is little together string son kind of baked food, taste and barbecue there is still some different. Xiangxi small string in taste if first linen, hot, sweet, crisp and tender, teacher is on the basis of the guest's demand to increase or decrease in Chinese prickly ash, talking very much. Eggs in Hamburg now but new present popular snack street, a unique flavor. And than many western-style hamburger material benefit, is a child, the student party favorite ingredients eggs, flour, do breakfast snacks, nutrients, comprehensive approach is not difficult, very appropriate for a food stand. Chicken feet, let's also called chicken feet and general gourmet and version are all like chicken feet. Garlic chicken feet eat spicy savoury, very suitable for hot summer eat now, is also very suitable for home and love drinking family, as a kind of snacks should we have to eat, can also be as as snacks to chew!
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