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Maintenance - electric the dining car Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-28
Turn cold climate, the winter is coming right away, in the winter time we use electric diners should more pay attention to maintain protection, talent will be used more and more perfect, let below small make up for our comprehensive knowledge of how to introduce about this product, the thorough analysis of the maintenance method of electric diners. First, for this kind of electric dining car tyres, don't be too much inflated pay attention to, such interest is to be able to add the area of the tire and road surface, prevent slippage. Second, electric diners to produce manufacturer claims that the user in the drive when the equipment, in the walk as far as possible the * * * to move and not to a screeching halt. Winter road surface is painting, * * * don't down, braking time, very brief and draw many, constitute the unnecessary trouble. Other, in the cold winter, electric in the dining car battery electric is virtual, so must ensure the electric power to meet dining car, * * * is the electricity will be full of every night, battery * * * don't keep long, it can extend the use of battery life spans. Produce of electric vehicle are dining car with sealants and silicone waterproof, does not leak, rainy days can normal operation, really do, no time, no products, multi-usage, win more customers, broaden the way to earn money. Maintain it also will be relatively save time and effort.
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