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Maintenance of electric patrol car to reduce the shock of Chinese fast food chain is very important

by:Jiexian     2021-08-13
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   As everyone knows,    shock absorbers are used to reduce the impact and vibration caused by road conditions. The good effect of shock absorbers is directly related to the stability of driving and the occupants. Comfort, so you must do a good job in the maintenance of vehicle shock absorbers. For closed electric patrol cars [Electric Patrol Car (Electric Patrol Car) is a model specially designed and developed for personnel in special departments to patrol. For ordinary patrol cars and closed types, ordinary patrol cars can be divided into ordinary and luxury types. 】The maintenance of the shock absorber is very important.

  The damping device of the closed electric patrol car is composed of a spring and a shock absorber. The spring acts as a buffer, and the shock absorber prevents the spring from rebounding and absorbs the impact energy of the road. Ensure the stability, safety and comfort of driving. If there is no shock absorber or the shock absorber is broken, there will be a feeling that the car jumps and jumps, not only the driving and riding comfort is poor, but also damage to the vehicle parts, affecting the closure of the electric patrol car Therefore, the inspection and maintenance of the shock absorber of the enclosed electric patrol car is very important.

   After the closed electric patrol car continues to drive on uneven roads, you can touch the surface of the shock absorber to see if it is hot. If it does not generate heat, the shock absorber is not working properly and has lost the shock absorber. Function, it may be due to lack of oil or damaged parts, requiring maintenance.

   When driving a closed electric patrol car for patrol work, if an abnormal continuous shock is found in the car, it also needs to be checked to see if the shock absorber is leaking or other malfunctions.

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