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Maintenance points of electric recreational vehicle tires

by:Jiexian     2021-08-14

Electric recreational vehicles can be used as scooters, and are also used in some relatively large manors, tourist areas and other places. Vehicles use storage batteries as the main energy source. The quality and capacity of storage batteries affect the use time and mileage of the vehicle. Customers should pay attention to battery matters when purchasing. In addition, in addition to the battery, other parts of the vehicle, such as tires, should also be paid attention to. Pay attention to inspection and maintenance when using it.

The main points of maintenance of electric recreational vehicle tires are as follows:

1. When the tire tread wear is close to the wear mark , Be sure to pay attention to the western or replacement in time. Also pay attention to avoid driving on bumpy roads during normal use.

2. In daily driving, the tires are pierced by foreign objects, accidentally hit the road teeth, etc., which can easily cause cracks or bulges in the tires. When the above situation occurs, pay attention to timely inspection and repair of the tires, and customers and friends should also pay attention to avoid the above situation.

3 The tires of recreational vehicles are not the same as those of trucks. Therefore, please pay attention not to bear the weight or overload. The vehicle is not suitable for long-distance or cargo transportation.

4. Regularly check the tire pressure and adopt corrective methods in time.

5. If the use time is relatively long, or the tires are aging, replace the tires of the vehicle in time.

The above is the main points of the maintenance of electric recreational vehicle tires. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more information about electric cars, trucks, dining cars and other product information, you can bookmark us to view.

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