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Mobile diners become fashion trends, clean operation should not be neglected

by:Jiexian     2020-09-04
Mobile diner is a personal customized personalized vehicle, not only appearance can personalized Settings, interior also can customize for entrepreneurs, guarantee the equipment inside the car. Which also contains a smoke-free, clean processing, can not only make food to attract more customers. At the same time to ensure the cleanliness. Change the business better gold terrain. Can be a banquet hall, rural and pastoral areas, the wedding ceremony, unit wild celebration, the party can also do ordinary restaurant, office, apartment can also when camping and all kinds of logistics vehicles, command vehicle; Can do tourist and leisure, the flow of the hotel, also can do road, rail, air, electricity and other field construction work and life. Mobile diners both retained the characteristics of the traditional food culture, and accord with modern pursuit of nutrition, health, consumer demand. Advanced modern kitchen utensils and appliances make traditional crystal dumpling, stew pot, flat meat, sweet flat duck, steamed dumpling, sweet taro cakes, Fried rice, bamboo shoots, cold snack food such as meat, burgers, taro dumplings more features. Mobile convenient dining car consumer life, and helps to standardize the market for fast food supply, can also open up employment channels, can be said to be the win-win project. Mobile diners at the core of the multi-functional snack car parts adopted mould pressing molding, smokeless barbecue pits advantage is strong resistance to burn, long service life, save energy, will not melt with tempering. Completely overcomes the drawback of traditional barbecue stoves, the traditional barbecue stoves is forming, welding high temperature barbecue time is long can appear welds cracking, caused by tempering. And heating part is using high quality burning board, high density, fire is big, so high combustion efficiency, barbecue snacks taste more delicious. When cleaning and maintenance, should cut off power supply, in order to prevent accidents. After work every day no corrosive cleaner wet towels are available, and clean surface of furnace body and the power lead wire surface, it is strictly prohibited to rinse area directly, so as not to damage the electrical performance. By the use of more and more widely. In front of the switch is not allowed to pile up sundry, convenient operation. Mobile diners must safety ground before use. Should check the product electrical components connection before starting the firm, safe grounding is reliable. Replace the power cord should be chosen for cable, and professional personnel change. Mobile diners the electrical connection in the installation and maintenance, should please hold electrician operation certificate personnel to install. Multi-functional snack car mobile diners at the same time to learn more about problems, also can leave a message below tell small make up or everybody to discuss.
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