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Move the dining car on the road need to be aware of problems - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-04
On market now, most of the mobile is a new electric, diners to electric four-wheel, countries are not relevant guidelines specify mobile diners equal product cannot be on the road walk. Of course, to remove partial extension may body larger cars, so most mobile diners are allowed on the road walk. For the local government, city construction and the livelihood of the people boast good degrees is very important. Move on the one hand, diners can be customized, operators to convey information and urban civilization into products, also is another kind of help about city construction. Mobile dining car, on the other hand, can be widely used in the mall, scenic spots, such as carnival activities, in the great cities of the can pull the per capita consumption, advance operation efficiency, and can improve the urban environment, add the city characteristics. Compared with traditional street diner, mobile diners greatly advance the operating environment of coefficient of safety and health, is operating supplies to ensure safety. Combined with the demand for urban construction and the livelihood of the people kua good degrees, government for mobile also opened the dining car around the country. Facing mobile diners activity type operation, the government's mood is gradually changes. 'Vegetable basket project' by the government bought together, planning out the catering activities around operation area, and each big brand from physical stores to activity type operating in many cases, is proved that the government of mobile diners activity type operating in the mood. At present, mobile diner in much of the national road distances without quotation. Conditions, of course, is to be in the formal dining car manufacturers purchase, normal manufacturer can produce the relevant formalities for quotation for the record. How to deal with problems after processing on the road, the urban management problem? Just read the record process the urban management bureau, legal compliance operation can be achieved.
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