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Multi-function cold drink cart with multiple uses in one cart

by:Jiexian     2021-08-11

The combined cold drink truck is a new type of cold drink equipment developed by Best Snack Food Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2006. This machine is composed of a fried ice machine, an ice porridge machine, a snow cream machine, an ice cream machine, a cold drink machine, Window display cabinet and other functions are all in one. It is the best equipment for frying modern and novel cold food. The body is made of stainless steel, beautiful and novel, and the double-bearing wheels have brake function.

A snack truck can meet all the needs of consumers, and it is natural that it is highly sought after by consumers. Mobile snack trucks are very common in the catering industry, and they are definitely not new. However, there is still a big difference between the surpassing snack cart and the traditional mobile snack cart. For example, in terms of the design and function of the snack truck equipment itself, Chaoyue snack truck has absorbed Wanke Ventures' experience in the research and development and production of catering equipment and intelligent electronic technology equipment.

Its various snack trucks are not only very exquisite in structure design, but also versatile in function and far more practical than similar products. To make a simple comparison; the merchant may be able to make 20 or 30 kinds of snacks with a set of traditional snack carts; and if it is used beyond the snack carts, it may rise to hundreds of snacks. The gap in this category is a testament to the function of the product.

The car body has an advertising canopy, which can be disassembled freely. It has a wide range of adaptability, strong interest, and the processed food tastes good. It is unmatched by any beverage machine. It is a modern frying The best equipment for novel cold food. The combined cold drink truck is a machine used to make and store cold drinks. The products that can be made are: fruit fried ice, ice porridge, fried milk fruit, hard ice cream, cheese, red bean ice, mung bean ice, herbal tea ice , Rose petal ice and other formats of Chinese and Western beverages.

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