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Multi-function electric diners have shallow of snack car manufacturer structure closely the characteristics of the novel and beautiful shape

by:Jiexian     2020-09-20

electric diners have tight and modelling is novel, 小说) The characteristics of the beautiful, 特征)

electric diners with tight structure, modelling is novel, 小说) , the characteristics of the beautiful, 特征) ; Vehicle used at present in the world advanced streamline body design before, Design) Reduce windward area, big limit, reduce the wind resistance coefficient ( 减少) To zero. 3 ( Currently on the market the same type electric wind resistance coefficient of 0. 4) , making the company's products ( 产品) In high speed, great gradeability travel distance, such as performance, 性能) Improved greatly. The rise of the electric car industry in China only a few years time, in the short several years, from no to have electric car industry, from scattered to the widespread popularity, Throughout, throughout in general) , has obtained the high speed of development and progress. Because do not need to core ( core) Technology, low barriers to entry, the profit space is large, short time a large number of enterprises to lock eyes electric this emerging industry. The development of the electric car industry has strong regionality, on the one hand, performance in production, 生产) , on the one hand, performance in the field of consumption, and it is also a gradual process. After more than ten years of development, China's electric car industry growing up, has formed a huge industrial clusters, especially after entering the 21st century, the industry present rapid development trend. Electric vehicle is in a nutshell is driven by electricity. For electric power energy, Explanation: to provide natural energy conversion material) In the car. Classification of electric bike by type can be divided into electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric cars, electric tricycles, fuel power and electric vehicles. According to the power provided by the way can be divided into two categories, one is connected to external power for electricity, the other is to use battery as a power. Can also use the sun, the wind or all available energy into electricity for the use of cars. Battery is a kind of chemicals, and hence has the certain service life ( 一生) , such as dry cell ( Including common alkaline batteries) Such as a battery is not charging, service life, of course, only one time. For rechargeable batteries, generally we charge to measure the length of its service life. Nickel ( Ni) Cadmium cell cycle ( continue) Use cycle in 300 ~ 700 times or so, nickel, Ni) Hydrogen ( 氢) The number of rechargeable batteries, as a general rule, be 400 ~ 1000 times, pizza grass battery is 500 ~ 800 times. Rechargeable battery service life of the batteries made by not only the factors such as raw material, production process, 因素) Impact, but also with the battery charge and discharge method and actual usage have close relationship.

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