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Multi-functional snack car can make what food? - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-19
Utility snack car, as the representative of street snack car, its function is more complete, able to make the food more, can bring us more delicacies foods, today let's look at what it can make food: 1, Fried: all kinds of chicken, pork, beef, seafood, vegetables, fruit, such as flooded after first Fried, tender in crisp outside golden in color, and then pour the dressing, crispy delicious, sweet into the nasal cavity and fresh in the mind. Freshly Fried now sell, to resist the temptation, able to resist the bonanza! Open the small entrepreneurial vision the key! 2, chocolate, fresh fruit string: what nutrients than fresh fruit have? What's more let young people addicted than chocolate? A deep chocolate flavor and fruit of delicacies, such a wonderful combination can anyone refuse? Will wear all kinds of fresh fruit in together, and then by the customer personally put FFB chocolate waterfall drizzle under a thick layer, freshness, focus is to attract the world look good business! FFB chocolate now is now popular in Europe and America, in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore to sell hot. 3, pearl milk tea, pearl milk tea to black tea and green tea as a fundamental information, again to participate in a variety of different flavors of honey and put inside called 'pearl' round grain of condiments. Tea flowing, pure milk, the energy of the pearl, wonderfully combine together. Pearl milk tea taste many, including flavor, chocolate, strawberry, grapes, peanuts, mango, melon, coffee, ube, papaya and other dozens of. 4, golden potato tower: golden potato tower using a special machine to cut the potatoes into spiral shape, and then put on a bamboo stick extension, pagoda shaped, after Fried golden yellow color, make person appetite. Golden potato tower has a spicy, salt and pepper, tomatoes, garlic, cumin seeds, mushrooms, seafood, scallion, cinnamon, barbecue, chives, curry and spicy, chocolate, milk and so on several big series, dozens of different flavors of spices, to fully meet the tastes of different customers. Every bite can let you surprise! Allows you to experience a sense of taste and visual entrepreneurial new storm! 5, roast the hoof: braise in soy sauce pig's knuckles, braised pig's feet, sauce pig's knuckles, halogen pig's feet, etc. , although the taste is pretty good, but far less than the roast pig's feet, delicious roast pig skin not only coke tender meat, crisp sweet, along with a variety of barbecue sauce, spicy fresh incense, an appetite is big, can eat, together, roast pig in the baking process, make adipose differentiation, not greasy, healthier, together with the release of various trace elements beneficial to human body, and have more nutrients, more nourishing effect to human body. 6, hot and sour powder, hot and sour powder is characterized by 'hemp, spicy, fresh, sweet, acid and oil and not be bored with'! Here. there s hot and sour powder fragrance 4 excessive, heavy taste, house full of color, then mixed with sweet soup, broth glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, spicy and refreshing, hot mouth not hot heart; Deepen the in the mind, thought, the more you have, the more addictive.
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