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Multi-functional snack car in the use of common problems in the process of how to deal with

by:Jiexian     2020-09-18

multi-functional snack car in the use of common problems in the process of how to deal with, today we give you solve three three problems in the application of multi-functional snack car often, let's specific look at the following: a, can't bake too jiao: burned food is easy to cause cancer, and meat fat drops onto the coals of chemicals with lampblack volatile attached to the food, is a strong carcinogen. It is better to foil package solution: the barbecue. Once the food is burnt, must will be charred parts away, absolutely not edible. 2, raw and cooked food should be separate utensils: meat is raw, cooked food bowl, dish, chopsticks and other instruments used to separate, otherwise easy to cause the food delivery * infection and eat bad belly. Solution: to prepare two sets of tableware, in order to avoid the pollution of cooked food. Three, in addition to barbecue method, we also concern the barbecue is too fat can figure out a way to solve.

solution: choose a barbecue material as far as possible choose lean meat and high content of fatty acids in fish, do not eat fat, etc. , can also match the vegetables, to reduce the fat. In addition, eat barbecue food to eat slowly, after a meal to take more exercise, is also a good way to burn fat.

more about multi-functional snack car knowledge we will continue to bring you to sort out, stay tuned for

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