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Multi-functional snack car manufacturer: electric diner is greatly increased on the customer's safety index

by:Jiexian     2020-09-22

electric diners greatly improve the safety index of a customer

electric diners at the time of charging, the battery charging time to grasp, not too full, or discontent, the battery has a lot of damage. And I can't put the plug in the sun exposure. Will remember to patrol every day before using electric power, dining car isn't enough, don't let the battery to discharge the excessive use of the cycle ( 一生) Cause harm. Normal charging time, remember where the children don't know, to prevent an accident. Don't use remember to shut off the power after, pull out the key, 键) Put, prevent the electricity had to run, if replacement or repair battery and electrical appliances, close the power supply must be in the main switch operation.

electric carts with small, environmental protection, economy, low noise, Db ( dB) ) The characteristics of ( 特征) , suitable for urban and factories, 工厂) The room needs. Simple atmosphere, electric carts functionalization modified design ( Design) , it is widely ( 广泛) Used in large factories, airports, schools, hospitals, hotels and other places of room service, truly realize the healthy environmental protection, energy-saving, comfortable to meet the different needs of customers.

suspension system: macpherson independent suspension

the braking system: automotive hydraulic (in the form of hydraulic) Brake system and the independent parking brake

line continuation mileage: according to the actual usage,

control ( 控制) Editor: full electronic speed control ( 控制) Implement

differential: integral steel rear axle, main reduction than 12. 49

grade: 30%

standard accessories: a standard car speed control ( 控制) And braking, combination instrument display, meet the requirements of the national headlights, rear view mirror, electronic horn, anti-rust, car body structure is special tempered glass ( 钢化玻璃) , configuration, 部署) Wiper

the first application of disc brake to electric vehicles, greatly improve the safety index of a customer. Disc brakes under hydraulic power braking force ( 权力) Big and stable ( Explanation: solid stability; There is no change) , has good braking performance in all kinds of pavement, the braking performance is far higher than that of drum brake, and directly through the air disc brake disc, the disc brake cooling ( 散热) Performance ( 性能) Well, to avoid the heat recession phenomenon. The braking effect is good, high safety coefficient.

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