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Multi-functional snack car manufacturer - electric fast food will become the powerful vehicles and equipment

by:Jiexian     2020-09-21

electric trucks will become a powerful traffic tools and equipment ( 设备)

electric car electric fast-food fast car is to rely on motor ( 权力) Overweight cargo, safety, green environmental protection, its itself is not atmospheric pollution emissions of harmful objects, can use with battery charging, because most of power plants built away from the densely populated cities, less damage to humans. And power plant emissions of waste can be concentrated, easy to remove all kinds of harmful emissions. Our country in recent years, constantly expanding of hydropower, nuclear power, wind power input, believes the next few years electric vehicles will become a powerful traffic tools and equipment ( 设备) 。

1: serve as appearance room! Into a store and sell all kinds of small commodities.

2: can act as a food! Area is large, can do all kinds of food in it.

3: to act as a newsagent! This house type car body are all made of stainless steel ( Acid-proof stainless steel) Production ( 生产) , sturdy and durable, wind rain!

4: can act on duty booth! The area is large, there is no problem to the studio. 5:

new style ( 小说) In 2013, the new, buy to earn.

in adapt to three rounds of diners at ordinary times must pay attention to the car's weight, do not overweight, overweight not just to the vehicle's braking system after damage is very big, but also a certain degree of damage to the battery. In addition, when after the instrument shows there were no electricity to charge in time, don't let the battery to discharge depth in life ( 一生) Have an impact. It is forbidden to losses when stored in electric battery storage when it is strictly prohibited in a state of loss of electricity. Kui state refers to the battery after use without charge in a timely manner. In the condition of deficient electric storage battery, it is easy to appear the sulfuric acid ( Chemical formula: - H2SO4) Salinization, sulfuric acid, Chemical formula: - H2SO4) Lead ( Appearance: bluish silvery white) Attached to the plate crystal, can jam ( dǔ sè) Electric ion channels, resulting in lack of charging, battery capacity decline ( descend) 。 Kui power status, the longer the idle time, the heavier cell damage.

this is a truly versatile breakfast, multi-usage, bring you unlimited business opportunities. Can be made: Fried, kanto cook, malatang, cooking noodles, shredded cake, steak, tappasaki squid, sizzling tofu, Fried noodles, steamed dumplings and so on.

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