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Multi-functional snack car manufacturer to tell you something about electric diners before use must be safety grounding

by:Jiexian     2020-09-21

electric diners before use must be safety grounding

we use electric dining car, in order to improve the use of safe, before we start to use, must pay attention to the operation of the relevant matters, so for the understanding of the use of safe and performance ( 性能) To be able to play an important role into full play. So, when using electric dining car, in order to first of all, in order to ensure safety, we need to pay attention to what issues? Let's learn about the.

in the first place, in order to ensure the safety of using, electric diners before use must be safety grounding. Shall inspect the product before starting the ( 产品) Connect the electrical components is rigid, safety grounding is reliable.

second, in use should be in a stable place, left side from non-combustible material more than 10 cm, back from non-combustible material should be more than 20 cm.

before the car every day patrol, adequacy of power braking performance ( 性能) Whether is good, screw ( 螺杆) A fault is loose, etc. , should be timely repair ruled out ( 删除) Inspections completed to determine when a failure has not been able to drive;

charging should be performed in the place where children cannot access to.

every parking must shut off the power switch, pull out the key, 键) , pull the switch gear to neutral position ( 位置) And pull hand brake;

repair or replacement battery, electrical appliances, turn off the power supply must be after the main switch operation;

children when playing in the car to remove the key, 键) Switch, so as not to cause dangerous;

before the electric vehicles, are required to inspect whether the door shut;

due to accidents or other causes of fire, shut off the main power switch immediately

in the near mount suitable power switch, fuse, Fuse) And leakage protector, in front of the switch is not allowed to pile up sundry, convenient operation.

to replace the power cord should choose the same cable ( Cable) And personnel change, please. Electric diners the electrical connection in the installation and maintenance, should please hold electrician operation certificate personnel to install.

when clean maintenance, should be cut off ( Cut; Truncation) Power, in order to prevent accidents. After work every day are available (excluding corrosion Definition: refers to decay and disappear, erosion, etc. ) Sex cleaner wet towel, clean surface of furnace body and the power lead wire surface, it is strictly prohibited to rinse area directly, lest destroy electrical performance ( 性能) 。

electric diners to ensure safety, when using the above five aspects of the problem is that it is important to note, I hope everyone can safely use electric diners.

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