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Multi-functional snack car manufacturers at the electric tricycle frame adopts a whole dining car stamping process

by:Jiexian     2020-09-21

electric tricycle frame adopts a whole dining car stamping process

three-wheeled diner as living water ( 流水) Flat increase and the increase of the radius of human activities, people by riding a bicycle to electric vehicles; The influence of the environmental protection consciousness, the motorcycle also gradually eliminated by the mass market ( 消除) To use electric vehicles travel. In 003, electric bikes into the mass market in great quantities, the national electric bicycle has over two hundred million cars in 2015. According to the 1-2016 Data released in June, data) There has been a law, according to two rounds of car market ( 有节奏的) Decline in sex. Insiders predict ( 预测) Electric bicycle is close to market saturation state. Low-speed electric motorcycle; boom in 2014, according to low-speed electric car production more than 600000 units in 2015. Although low-speed electric motorcycle; market quantity, but free in the legal gray areas. Until April 14, 2016, the national standard ( Approval of release: the national standardization authority) Management committee unveiled a low-speed electric motorcycle; standard project - — 'Four-wheel low-speed electric passenger car technical conditions'. Observers say, once the standard established, the driver must have a driver's license. As a new electric car category, electric van at present in the share of national economy is not very high, but it has a great contribution to the society. Not only conforms to the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection of the country, 趋势) Convenient, mainly is the ordinary people of short-distance travel traffic problems, the summer sun rain, winter to avoid the cold wind blowing, the comfortable travel at the same time, and solved the simple cargo demand, greatly improving common people travel comfortable experience. In response to the rapid growth of travel market, electric van enterprise in production ( 生产) On a path to independence, technical input. In the introduction of a complete car manufacturing ( 制造) The four process stamping, welding, painting, assembly equipment ( 设备) On the basis of using the machine ( machine) Cutting and other advanced equipment ( 设备) 。 Products ( 产品) , van gradually get rid of the low-end, low-quality image, to fashion, 时尚) , comfortable and high-end direction. The use of new materials or new stamping molding process, optimize the shape improvement, make the whole car design ( Design) Lightweight, reasonable structure, security ( 安全) Can ( 性能) The line continuation miles long.

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