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'Multi-functional snack car manufacturers' electric meal carriage body wrapped edge guard for aluminum alloy material

by:Jiexian     2020-10-01

electric meal for aluminum car body wrapped edge guard ( Al) Alloy material, 纹理的材料)

electric dining car design ( Design) Both in appearance and the internal configuration ( 部署) , we are all in line with the concept of solution for the customer demand, to carry on the design, research and development and production, 生产) 。 Therefore, the appearance of beautiful sex, high performance and internal configuration ( 性能) Is our main characteristics ( 特征) 。 So, embodies in what aspects?

on appearance, electric diners choose chinalco (surfaces of the new car Al) Material of plastic board for 纹理的材料) , smooth surface, enhance the advertisement effect. Compartments body wrapped edge guard for aluminum ( Al) Alloy material.

on the internal configuration, the internal panel to chinalco ( Al) The plastic material. Install a container ( Container length according to compartments inside car length for approval, marble, English: Marble) Mesa, home hutch ark material, container ahead for advertising light boxes to do) ; Bottom pattern plate is 3 mm, with household wooden compound floor; Side panel is equipped with three advertising lamp box ( Stainless steel ( Acid-proof stainless steel) The border) ; Equipped with two stainless steel step, after a staircase.

for china-pakistan diners, its prominent function advantage ( Explanation: can overwhelm the favorable situation of each other) Is it widely ( 广泛) The main reason for the welcome, so, we this product ( 产品) , its advantages, mainly reflected in what respect? Compared with similar products it's good? This is the small make up today want to talk to you to introduce one of the problems, let's look at the question below.

1。 China and Pakistan diners adopt double bodywork design ( Design) , using imported materials, thermal insulation, room temperature, not difficult.

2。 Diners no lampblack, noise ( Db ( dB) ) , no pollution, environmental experts, super stainless steel mesa, never rust.

3。 Function fully, can do a lot of snacks, like all kinds of flavor snack: iron plate, malatang, grilled, steamed, Fried, heating and rinse hot, boiling water and breakfast snack, etc.

4。 Brand has a unique display ark, live good visible. Equipment ( 设备) Draw out steaming box, steaming Fried amphibious furnace, furnace, etc.

the above four aspects is china-pakistan diners in functional advantages ( Explanation: can overwhelm the favorable situation of each other) Mainly reflected on the aspects of, hope the above information will let you know our products ( 产品) There is a better understanding.

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