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Multi-functional snack car manufacturers, electric trucks namely convenient mobile also convenient for people of all ages to use

by:Jiexian     2020-09-22

electric food truck is convenient mobile also convenient people of all ages to use

electric car electric fast-food fast food industry leading, I want to ask you, if at first, we can not build sales ( 销售) Products ( 产品) ? The answer can, even in the later can such operation. In the form of service outsourcing. Nike is no own factory, all the stick a card. As long as have their own quality standards and inspection requirements. This is called asset light on market operation mode. Must have been to enterprise management or heard line (the market now 普遍的) 'business model' must know BBS. Early can own several vehicles, once the market recognition, run a stable, Explanation: solid stability; There is no change) , immediately to join in, 加入) Chain. Don't have to own money, the brand it big in a short period of time. Still don't know, so spend less money to do big brand business and opportunities? Sunrise industry, catering is not forever also is not the sunset industries, key ( Explanation: metaphor is an important part of things) We use what kind of mode to run. Yonghe soya-bean milk a piece of Fried dough sticks have to $4, show bento 20 yuan a box, office under ordinary bento is 10 yuan, and you don't know who did it. Now there were in the university campus to earn a bento agent, locked in a Titanic. No western fast food suddenly on the doorstep, join ( 加入) Fee have to be 5, 60000, not including decoration. Be forgotten things for others, we should also do a few times? A thousand-li journey is started, the first step. The good opportunity, a lifetime. We still need to wait?

electric snack car cuisine is a collection of barbecue, Fried, rinse hot, teppanyaki, steamed furnace is equal to the car shop one flow snacks equipment ( 设备) To snack car with car battery as the power flow, the vehicle shell is made of a glass fiber reinforced plastic materials forming refined but become, built-in stainless steel ( Acid-proof stainless steel) Mesa, combining all kinds of snacks equipment ( 设备) , liquid is strong, simple operation etc. 特征) , multi-functional snack car food artificially created (than ever Build, build) Selling kiosks, more environmental protection and health. Configuration ( 部署) Reasonable, compact structure, USES the electric tricycle as bottom sit, is convenient to move, and convenient for people of all ages to use.

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