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Multi-functional snack car manufacturers tell you fast car batteries smoke-free clean environmental protection science and technology

by:Jiexian     2020-09-21

food truck batteries smoke-free clean environmental protection science and technology

1, electric snack car belongs to flow management industry, so the operator should have the appropriate scope of business, products, 产品) Selling time, should be grasped in quantity, Unit: cubic meters per second) More time to sell the product effect will be better!

2, electric food truck business, mainly catering industry, belongs to food, health and safety is the operator must abide by professional ethics, moreover also to do on dishes delicious ( 美味) Delicious.

3, want to electric snack car business to attract the attention of the customer, can play music appropriately, but the music is not too big.

electric dining car charger don't free to use, you go out sometimes forgot to bring my charger, see others' charger, there will be want to use the idea. Actually this kind of practice is wrong. Why is this? Because each brand battery has its own exclusive interface ( 接口) And the current ( 电子流) Numerical, different brands of electric vehicles, these are completely different, if free to use, can bring great damage to the battery.

electric car cheap snacks: equipment ( 设备) Low cost, and greatly reduced ( 减少) Fuel costs, energy saving more than 50, do not need high usage and maintenance costs.

electric snack car complete function: to burn, baking, rinse, Fried, teppanyaki, western food and Chinese food snacks go hand in hand, breakfast, lunch and dinner, all the real multi-usage!

electric energy conservation and environmental protection: snack car batteries smokeless clean environmental protection, science and technology, more in line with the green concept of health, efficiency, 效率) Improve greatly. Stainless steel ( Acid-proof stainless steel) Structure, stainless steel ( Acid-proof stainless steel)

electric snack car multifunctional diners with simple operation, less of choose and employ persons, quick production, products ( 产品) Kind of ( 品种) Rich class, 丰满) The advantages of 1 - 2 people will run, a snack car hold the benefit of an ordinary shop ( 好处) , the wind above peng and color billboards, under a bottom wheel can flow management, a variety of models, elegant, lane, convenient and flexible.

1。 Note that vehicles blind area ( 盲点)

almost all vehicles have blind area ( 盲点) , electric diners. Back in the cause of the accident, because most of the vehicle's blind spot cause; Which hit, rolling children accident, almost entirely due to the existence of blind spots. We often used at ordinary times reversing radar, there are a lot of blind area, video reversing radar are introduced what are blind area? Everyone at ordinary times when use can pay attention to the blind area in some conditions. Due to the launch of radar range is cone shaped, so ultrasonic reversing radar main blind area range is radar ( Is a kind of acoustic frequency above 20000 hz) Between sound waves and sound waves from the probe is not the scope of 'light' to.

2。 Don't be too dependent on electronic auxiliary equipment (while backing 设备)

there blind area ( 盲点) , reversing radar, electronic auxiliary equipment (such as 设备) If there is also a blind area, in the process of reverse blindly rely on auxiliary devices, and they don't use eyes to observe surroundings actually, so the next time the accident is not far away from you. Auxiliary equipment, after all, is only a supplementary role, we cannot fully rely on it; Or their eyes to observe more, while backing for the existence of abnormal and see more.

the above two points is the driving electric diners need to be aware of two important aspects while backing, hope to be able to when you are backing up, provide a little help.

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