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Multi-functional snack car price summary electric fast-food high torque and low power consumption

by:Jiexian     2020-09-19

electric food truck high torque low power

nowadays electric trucks for way of life, people can already work and speed comparable to the development of the time, Than) . Fast rhythm of work has let people can't eat breakfast and lunch at home, most of workers would choose restaurant order from the outside, and then directly sent to the office to solve the problem of eating. But if the delivery of transportation inconvenient, or slower, will result in food ( 食物) Cooling metamorphism, affect the taste, which leads to the restaurant profit loss ( 损失) 。 In this case, the electric fast-food car was born. What advantage, then, electric food truck?

1。 Performance ( 性能) Good: electric motor that is used by the food truck battery adopts international advanced special large capacity battery, stable performance, Explanation: solid stability; There is no change) , long time.

2。 Fast speed: control ( 控制) The driving part adopts the local train start, express. Can facilitate fast driving to school, market and industry, 行业) Areas such as downtown area.

3。 Security ( 安全) High: brake adopts high performance ( 性能) Brakes, solve the uphill brake not slide; Four-wheel electric iron shell has a foot or hand brake, safe and reliable use vehicles, multiple insurance; Vehicle used plate spring ( 春天) Suspension, safe and comfortable.

4。 Facilities are all: car behind is building model cars, spacious ( Can accommodate 3 - Five assignments) Complete vehicle safety auxiliary device, equipped with a horn, brake lights, headlights, steering flash back and voice function, even if the night is pretty safe and convenient use, and is equipped with the charger, can use 220 v v power supply to charge directly, very convenient to use.

5。 Function: snack cart with a smoke-free barbecue, malatang, teppanyaki, Fried, kanto cooking, cooking noodles and dumplings and other functions, can make a variety of delicious, 美味) Healthy snacks, environmental protection, fragrance all the way, is an ideal tool to barbecue snacks between urban and rural areas.

electric food truck is on the motor power ( 权力) Overweight cargo, safety, green environmental protection, its itself is not atmospheric pollution emissions of harmful objects, can use with battery charging, because most of power plants built away from the densely populated cities, less damage to humans. And power plant emissions of waste can be concentrated, easy to remove all kinds of harmful emissions. Our country in recent years, constantly expanding of hydropower, nuclear power, wind power input, believes the next few years electric vehicles will become a powerful traffic tools and equipment ( 设备) 。

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