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Multi-functional snack car prices briefly electric diners appearance simple atmospheric integrating sales advertising light boxes advertising body

by:Jiexian     2020-09-20

electric tricycle housing multi-functional mobile diners, full stainless steel ( Acid-proof stainless steel) Appearance, tempered glass, 钢化玻璃) The front window. The staff can stand in the car business, shortly before the wind, rain, in front of the work station, rear shelf. The design of the car, Design) Reasonable. According to customer requirements can change the car configuration, 部署) , malatang business market, a lot of people like to eat, malatang, commonly known as 'the kanto cook; Use bamboo stick to wear into the fish balls, meat ball, fish, recovering, filling bolus, boiled, seafood (for the 海鲜) Pill, chicken meatball, tempura, sausage, vegetables ( 蔬菜) Volume and other series of products in carefully regulate boiled in the soup, add served in soup cup, has a seductive fragrance, whether original or spicy, taste is very fine, mixed taste also conflict each other, growing together.

the multi-function electric dining car acclaimed since it was introduced, but why the multi-function electric diners will be affected by the attention of the masses of users? Let's take a look at:

1, electric trucks to environmental protection and energy saving, clean health

electric dining car battery as the drive, low energy consumption, zero emissions, energy conservation and environmental protection. Factory equipped with high quality stainless steel ( Acid-proof stainless steel) Tableware, electric diners, let food can preservation and thermal insulation, multi-function car electric diner food, products ( 产品) Clean the customer an endless stream.

2, novel appearance, 小说) Attract eyeball,

electric diners appearance contracted and the atmosphere, integrating sales, light box advertising, body advertising, novel, 小说) The appearance of the design ( Design) Two fitting, strong attraction, promote sales - — Appearance of advertising design can customize according to customer's requirements. Electric trucks can also be applied to daily provisions sales ( 销售) , vegetables ( 蔬菜) Fruit ( Fruits) Sales ( 销售) , aquatic food sales ( 销售) Flower sales, stationery, 销售) Electric diners and processing, can be called rich new, new market.

3, capacious space, reasonable layout

4. 561. 562. 3 meters large space, the car can accommodate two people. Internal structure can be customized according to customer requirements, have barbecue, Fried, soup, boiled, heat preservation function, etc. , can also be equipped with fridge, juicer, sausage machine, barbecue grill and other supporting tableware.

4, low cost, high yield

don't need a facade can open a shop to do the boss, exempt from selected shops, rent, decoration and a series of problems, a diner all finish. 5 kw motor equipped with a large 220 ah battery capacity, full charge state can travel 80 km, enough to keep operating throughout the day ( 经营) 。 Operating costs as long as 6 yuan, is 1/6 of the fuel vehicle, 1/20 of the shop, with a low cost reap big benefits ( 好处) 。

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