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Multi-functional snack car prices, electric fast car body is made of double steel plate insulation design

by:Jiexian     2020-09-20

electric fast-food car body is made of double steel plate heat preservation design ( Design)

electric fast-food car multi-functional snack noodles stainless steel ( Acid-proof stainless steel) Board manufacturing ( 制造) , easy to clean, 清洁) , more environmentally friendly; Meat, oil, charcoal fire separation, no soot, fly ash, more health; The internal structure according to the principle of secondary into the wind ( 原则) Design ( Design) , gas ( 煤气) Burning more prosperous, more; Car body is made of double steel plate insulation design, heat preservation effect is remarkable, more energy saving; Fuel use mechanism charcoal, meaty flavor more; Car body mobile, fixed. Run freely, more convenient, photo frame, beautiful and generous price is not high, easy to learn easily, provide free food formula for a long time.

barbecue, leave the barbecue snack car, the traditional carbon ( C) Baked, the use of the oven is very simple, but the existing problems are also very much, such as barbecue with dust, food ( 食物) With carbon focal flavour, health security, etc. Now for this kind of environmental protection, smokeless barbecue pits, implements the barbecue technology and use of a new innovation. Ceramic oven adopts the modern science and technology ( Raw material: non-metallic minerals) Plate heat insulation technology, baked food, 食物) Faster, no soot, and how the technology of smoke-free barbecue pits to the dripping wet is delicate, and its correct use method also inseparable.

method of use:

1, before the use should inspect whether on canned liquefied petroleum gas pipelines and can be used only if a prison

2, into the oil collecting basin into the appropriate moisture ( 水含量) , maintain water, prevent dryness. If the water has dried, to take out the stove chassis ( chassis) , then add water.

3 gas total valve, open, and then open the barbecue snack car on the right side of the red switch, and turned to the left, with torches lit ceramics ( Raw material: non-metallic minerals) Board, and open the oven fan ( 通风风扇) 。

4, lighting confirmation: ignition light ceramic ( Raw material: non-metallic minerals) Plate, is a bunch of flame on the burning plate, the whole combustion board lit. If you did not see a light blue flame, ceramic plate on this is not lit, please ignition again, until it is light. Burning initially visible flame thin plate surface, flame gradually subsided after about 1 minute, show the halogen-light and transmition.

5, after using, the air always switch and the ignition switch should be closed.

6, clean tray, baking nets, etc. , keep the machine ( machine) Clean electric food truck

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