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'Multi-functional snack car prices' electric tricycle diners will drive torque to the drive shaft

by:Jiexian     2020-10-01

motor drive control ( 控制) Device

flow snack car motor drive control ( 控制) Device for electric vehicle speed and direction of the transformation Settings, such as its function is to control the voltage or current of the motor ( 电子流) , complete control of the driving torque of the motor and the direction of rotation.

early electric cars, dc motor speed control using concatenated resistance or change motor magnetic field ( Definition: transfer physical interaction between magnetic field) Coil ( 绕组) The number of turns. Because of its speed is a stage, and will produce additional energy consumption ( consume) Or use the motor structure is complex, is now rarely used. Widely used, 广泛) The thyristor ( zhá) Dc chopper tube, through the uniform ( jūn yún) To change the terminal voltage of the motor, the control ( 控制) The current of the motor ( 电子流) To realize the stepless speed of the motor. In the continuous development of electronic power technology, it also gradually by other power transistor ( The GT


T, BTR and IGBT, etc. ) Chopper control device to be replaced. From the perspective of the development of technology, with the application of new type of drive motor, electric vehicle speed control ( 控制) Is transformed into the dc inverter technology application, will become the inevitable trend, 趋势) 。

transmission, 传输) Device

the electric car transmission, 传输) The role of the device is to pass the driving torque of motor to automobile drive shaft, when the use of electric wheel drive, transmission, 传输) Most parts of device can often be ignored. Because the motor start on load, so the electric car without traditional internal combustion engine automobile clutch ( 离合器) 。 Because of the driving motor can rotate to control electric circuit, 控制) Realize the transformation, so the electric car auto transmission of reverse without internal combustion engine. When using motor stepless speed control, electric vehicles can be ignored the traditional car transmission.

electric diners characteristics ( 特征)

1, economy; 2, practical; 3, convenience; 4, widely ( 广泛)

electric diners advantage ( Explanation: can overwhelm the favorable situation of each other)

a streamlined body design, Design)

products ( 产品) With tight structure, modelling is novel, 小说) Fast, beautiful, travel distance, strong climbing ability, large.

split type body design, Design)

split type body facilitate maintenance in the future, replacement parts, the integrated body design of the same kind of manufacturers ( Design) , greatly reduced ( 减少) The maintenance cost.

electric tricycle diners

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