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Multi-functional snack car prices for electric diners to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, etc

by:Jiexian     2020-09-19

electric diners to reduce oxygen ( 氧气) Carbon ( C) ( CO2) Displacement of advantages, such as

electric barbecue furnace adopts vertical (dining car Set) Barbecue, on both sides of furnace tank ( 水槽) ( Need to add water) Again, there was a fire on the iron plate used for pressure above, with the iron lid, meat string wear good stand into the oven, kebabs in baked to a certain degree will produce oil, oil will drop into the water tank directly, it won't produce smoky taste, won't produce harm to the body. Pressure plate to the fire would make the fire up the heat to the kebabs, on both sides of the lid to cover feng again, people to be able to avoid much heat in the barbecue, the multi-functional mobile snack car both environmental protection and health.

can be any combination of snack car, made of stainless steel ( Acid-proof stainless steel) Board manufacturing ( 制造) , easy to clean, 清洁) , more environmentally friendly; Meat, oil, charcoal fire separation, no soot, fly ash, more health; The internal structure according to the principle of secondary into the wind ( 原则) Design ( Design) , gas ( 煤气) Burning more prosperous, more; Car body is made of double steel plate insulation design, heat preservation effect is remarkable, more energy saving; Fuel use mechanism charcoal, meaty flavor more; Car body mobile, fixed. Snack car as charcoal and gas gas carbon dual-use, can customize according to customer's different demands. Snack car has many characteristics, such as portable, multifunctional ( 特征) , can be used to barbecue, teppanyaki, etc. , also facilitate packing and cleaning ( 清洁) 。

electric diners can make full use of the night when electricity trough surplus electricity charge, power equipment ( 设备) Can make full use of day and night, and greatly improve the economic benefits, 好处) ( 经济表现) , which is beneficial to save energy ( Explanation: to provide natural energy conversion material) And reduce the oxygen ( 氧气) ( 氧化) Carbon ( C) ( CO2) The advantages of displacement.

when electric diner in the storage battery is strictly prohibited in a state of loss of electricity. Kui state refers to the electric diner after use without charge in a timely manner. In the condition of deficient electric storage battery, it is easy to appear the sulfuric acid ( Chemical formula: - H2SO4) Salinization, lead sulfate ( Lead( II) sulfate) ( Appearance: bluish silvery white) Attached to the plate crystal, can jam ( dǔ sè) Electric ion channels, resulting in lack of charging, battery capacity decline ( descend) 。 Kui power status, the longer the idle time, the heavier cell damage. Diners sit idle at delivery, therefore, should be added electricity once a month, so can keep the battery status. Electric diners

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