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Multi-functional snack car prices for electric tricycle diners bear environmental protection duties

by:Jiexian     2020-09-19

electric tricycle diners bear environmental protection responsibility

three-wheeled diners data ( data) Display, to the end of 2014, China's new ( 权力) Car ownership has surpassed 120000. The rapid development of new energy car ownership, also indicates the dynamic force battery recycling has a broad market. China automotive technology research ( 研究) Center ( 预测) , by 2020, our country electric power battery scrap amount will reach 120000 to 170000 tons scale. Despite the potentially huge market space, but due to the responsibility main body is not clear, restricted the battery recycling business ( 业务) Worth mining ( excavate) 。

therefore, clear policy, power ( 权力) Battery recycling production ( 生产) The responsibility system, the electric car production ( 生产) Enterprises ( Contain importers, hereinafter the same) Shall bear the electric car a primary responsibility for old power battery recycling, power battery production ( 生产) Enterprises shall bear the electric car production, 生产) Enterprises after-sales service system outside the main responsibility for old power battery recycling.

electric diners at start, manned, uphill, avoid slammed on acceleration, form the instantaneous large current ( 电子流) Discharge. Large current discharge can easily lead to produce sulfuric acid ( Chemical formula: - H2SO4) Lead ( Lead( II) sulfate) ( Appearance: bluish silvery white) The physical properties of the crystallization, which damage the battery plate ( 性能) 。 Jam ( dǔ sè) Electric ion channels, resulting in lack of charging, battery capacity decline ( descend) 。 Kui power status, the longer the idle time, the heavier cell damage. Diners sit idle at delivery, therefore, should be added electricity once a month, more than that of electric charge, gas emissions can be centralized, easy to remove all kinds of harmful emissions, our country in recent years have continuously expanding of hydropower, nuclear power, wind power input.

this means that most of the electric vehicle power ( 权力) Battery recycling responsibility in the electric car production ( 生产) On the business. 'Producers in China's traditional production concept, only the pollution of the environment bear responsibility of the production process. The personage inside course of study says, 'producer responsibility system arose in Europe in the 1990 s, and in the capital of induction ( Refers to the merging and organized) Use and made great effect on the crafty processing, under the producer responsibility system, have an obligation to produce in our product, 产品) The whole life cycle of bear environmental protection duties. Electric tricycle diners

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