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Multi-functional snack car prices tell you electric food trucks are the waterproof processing to be put into use

by:Jiexian     2020-09-20

electrical food trucks are the waterproof processing to be put into use the

electric food truck has some very important parts, such as motor, control ( 控制) And battery, normally these parts are put into use only after waterproof processing, wet by rain what effect will not appear, but if there are any water, we don't race, should try to choose a detour to walk, if must go through this section, we try to choose shallow layers of walking by the road, water depth of the water as far as possible not more than half of the wheel. Using electric diners don't need to buy store ( 店面) 。 Free mobile operating ( As to 'walking street, square, the school gate, dock, station, next to the market, and the night market, snack street, tourist attractions, etc. ) Accessibility, workshop, can satisfy the traffic ( Unit: cubic meters per second) To make money for investment ( Meaning: it is the accumulation of future earnings) Save ( 备用) Your rent the outlets. Electric diners in design ( Design) The sex ( 专业) , big limit on space, the kitchen needed for each device ( 设备) Has been packed in boxes. The reasonable collocation of lampblack machine, boiler ( 搭配) 。 Is a type of kitchen. Now this society, people work has rhythm and speed the development of the time is out, the fast rhythm of work has let people can't eat breakfast and lunch at home, most of workers would choose from outside the snack bar or restaurant to eat casually, and directly to the office to solve the problem of eating, but if the delivery of the transportation is convenient, or was slower, will result in food ( 食物) Metamorphic problem, which affect the taste, and in this case, the electric diners also arises at the historic moment. Electric dining car charger don't free to use, you go out sometimes forgot to bring my charger, see others' charger, would have wanted to use the idea. Actually this kind of practice is wrong. Why is this? Because each brand battery has its own exclusive interface ( 接口) And the current ( 电子流) Numerical, different brands of electric vehicles, these are completely different, if free to use, can bring great damage to the battery.

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