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Multi-functional snack car - to operate a variety of food Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-18
Let's now night market, outside the roads, there are this many snacks, they will function in many snack car runs our teenagers like to eat all kinds of snacks, today let's say the utility snack car can run food varieties have? Barbecue, barbecue secret ingredients are prepared with dozens of Chinese herbal medicine distribution and the secret into the system, the varieties of styles, a slip of the tongue, completely varieties and many: roast wing, kebab, chicken leg, Fried chicken, grilled vegetables, baked fruit, grilled fish, seafood and so on dozens of varieties. Import baked food, golden in color, crisp and tender, nutrient rich, clean health, eating addiction, can eat. A taste will become repeat business, good business every day! Malatang: in young people, malatang became one of the more popular snacks, and eat malatang hot season is added to the spring, autumn and winter season three. When green vegetables, fish, tofu, beef balls, seafood is carefully to wear on the prod, converting to push into the high temperature, in real life to delicacies and nutrient communion! Fresh fragrance teppanyaki: strange, all kinds of meat string, vegetables, fruit, chicken, fish, bean products such as baked on board, the outer crisp sweet and refreshing, neri taste very fragrant, fresh sweet, tender meat delicious, eat after the lingering fragrance full, interesting, taste makes people together, the more you have, the more you want, smell baking streets skirts, sniff the passers-by. Fried food: all kinds of chicken, pork, beef, seafood, vegetables, fruit, such as flood before fry, tender in crisp outside golden in color, and then pour the dressing, crispy delicious, sweet into the nasal cavity and fresh in the mind. Freshly Fried now sell, to resist the temptation, able to resist the bonanza! FFB chocolate: there's nothing like fruit more nutrients, there is nothing more than chocolate can enter the heart of boys and girls, a deep chocolate flavor and fruit of delicacies, such a wonderful combination can anyone refuse? Will wear all kinds of fresh fruit in together, and then by the customer personally put FFB chocolate waterfall drizzle under a thick layer, freshness, focus is to attract the world look good business! Pearl milk tea, pearl milk tea now almost has rendered web celebrity, pearl milk tea to black tea and green tea as a fundamental information, again to participate in a variety of different flavors of honey and put inside called 'pearl' round grain of condiments. Tea flowing, pure milk, the energy of the pearl, wonderfully combine together. Pearl milk tea taste many, including flavor, chocolate, strawberry, grapes, peanuts, mango, melon, coffee, ube, papaya and other dozens of.
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