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- need to pay attention to the daily maintenance of maintenance Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-06
As a professional production of electric snack car manufacturers, about the use of vehicles and the protection of common sense to understand. When we use snack car, demand for daily maintenance of protection. In order to let we can better protect snack car, the following snack car manufacturers professionals to understand together after next: detail 1, snack car before the use should pay attention to check the car body condition is good, such as car tyre pressure whether meet the breakfast, take care to check before and after the brake is adjustable, the car has no ring, the breakfast whether screw loosening, battery whether meet the electricity. Details 2, at the beginning of snack vehicle launch, should slow speed up first, to prevent the hazards prevent instant rush to speed up the equipment. And the measure to extend battery, motor, pay attention to using the pedal power during vehicle launch, climbing. 3, on the premise of ensuring security detail, trudge should try to cut the brakes, launched again and again, to save electricity. And trudge brake should loosen the control of motor speed, this is to prevent harm to the motor and other parts. Should also be closed off and promotion, power supply, in case when the rolling speed using, prevent accidents car suddenly launched attacks. 4, snack car charge should be pay attention to details, don't use other charger, the function of each breakfast car charger and battery is matching, need special charger, talent arrived in better charging effect.
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