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New energy electric patrol cars demand soaring snack food trucks

by:Jiexian     2021-08-12

  The four-wheel electric patrol car is divided into two types: open type and closed type.

  The open type is designed for the characteristics of summer climate and is designed for duty work. The open type effectively reduces the sultry feeling of the duty personnel sitting in a closed car in summer. At the same time, the design of the roof resists the strong summer sun. The same can be said: the open electric patrol car can not only cover the rain and sun, but also feel the natural coolness in summer, and the humanized design is considerate and comfortable.

   The second type is closed. This is more suitable for winter duty use. Enclosed doors and windows can help block the cold wind outside the car, allowing the staff to feel the warmth of the body and mind in the small compartment during the patrol on duty.

  Whether it is an open or closed electric patrol car, the front of the Fuma electric sightseeing car adopts high-strength tempered glass. On the one hand, it can effectively protect the personal safety of public servants from injury. In this way, it can enhance the wide range of users' vision, deal with problems in a more timely manner, and maintain the normal order of society.

   In addition, the four-wheel electric patrol car uses a high-power charger to provide strong power for the entire vehicle. The large-capacity battery pack provides a long driving range. It can run 80-100 kilometers on a single charge, which fully satisfies law enforcement. The need for personnel on duty.

  While four-wheel electric patrol cars are selling well, electric sightseeing cars, electric classic cars, and electric trucks are all playing an increasing role in different fields and industries.

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