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New energy equals the future, and the price of mobile dining carts and electric sightseeing cars are equal to

by:Jiexian     2021-08-11

   I would say that the most discussed topic in the 21st century is the new energy field. Although the new energy field is in line with the currently known green environmental protection issues, it has been criticized unanimously because of its immature technology or inadequate technology. Especially for new energy electric vehicles, the first is that their driving range does not meet the requirements for people to travel far away, and the second is the charging problem when the vehicle does not have a battery.

   Of course, these problems are in the continuous efforts and exploration of scientists. Today we are mainly talking about the electric sightseeing car. Electric sightseeing vehicles are small new energy vehicles mainly used in factories and tourist attractions. As a simplified version of new energy vehicles, electric sightseeing vehicles can be perfectly operated in scenic spots. According to the national standard, the maximum speed of sightseeing vehicles cannot exceed 30KM/H, and the maximum climbing degree cannot exceed 15%. This not only ensures that tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the scenic area, but also guarantees the personal safety of tourists to a certain extent.

   However, the electric sightseeing car clearly stipulates that it is a type of motor vehicle in the field (factory), so it is not allowed to be used on the road. First, its low speed will cause traffic congestion. Second, if an accident occurs, the judgment of responsibility must be on the side of the sightseeing car.

  Sightseeing car can also be used as an electric patrol car, electric fire truck, electric truck, electric caravan and other products according to its particularity.

   Breakfast Car Co., Ltd. was established in December 2005, with a registered capital of one hundred and twenty million yuan. It is one of the main companies producing new energy (electric) vehicles, with rich design and manufacturing experience , The company takes rigorous product design, excellent craftsmanship, reliable product quality and convenient after-sales service as its tenet to provide customers with better services. Our existing products: low-speed electric cars, classic cars, patrol cars, More than ten models such as dining car

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