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Night Market Life Electric Dining Cart Snack Cart (3)

by:Jiexian     2021-08-11
Times ufeff

I also entered the production workshop formally and earnestly. To be honest, for so many years in business management, the opportunity to go to the workshop is really rare. Seeing the production workers so hard to make products, I sincerely admire them! Seeing that they cut and weld the raw materials...After their hard-working hands, each piece of steel turns into a shop cart. Will the workers feel a sense of accomplishment in their hearts?

In the assembly workshop, the shop carts have become more and more beautiful after the skillful hands of the workers. Pieces of crafts. A very practical and beautiful breakfast franchise store car was born! The workers and masters perform their duties, and each shop cart gradually completes the final finishing work.

The style is customized according to customer needs. European style ~ Chinese style ~ various styles reflect the customer's love of life and business~

The teachers in the technical department confirmed the size and process according to the model and production drawings, and then started the production project. Samples~ I don’t know why, I’m still a little excited~ To be continued...

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