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Operating malatang diners should pay attention to details - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-30
Given that we are not very understand malatang diners, so in the operation of the time may be not familiar with, so this small make up to let's narrative operation malatang diners can't ignore a few details. First, using malatang diners should see whether on canned liquefied petroleum gas pipelines and whether prison rear can use. Second, the oil collecting basin into the appropriate moisture, adhere to the amount of water that must prevent drab. Assuming that water after working, want to take out the stove chassis, to participate in the water again. Opened the malatang diners gas total valve, and then opened the barbecue snack car on the right side of the red switch, and turned to the left, with the burning fire ceramic plate, and opened the oven fan. Again, burning admitted: when burning, burning ceramic kits, visible with a bunch of flame burned on the board, burn burned across the board. Assume that did not see a light blue flame on the ceramic plate, this is not lit, please start burning, until a fire. After all, after using malatang diners, should air burned main switch and the switch is closed. Clean the tray, baking nets, etc. , adhere to the machine clean.
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