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Original mobile diners large current discharge easily lead to lead sulfate crystals - Flow dining car manufacturer

by:Jiexian     2020-09-03

1. Stop check when losing electricity electric battery dining car stop in losing electricity situation when registering. Kui status refers to the electric dining car without charge in time after use. In the electrical condition check the battery, very briefly present the sulfuric acid salinization, lead sulfate crystal attached on the plate, clog electric ion channels, lack of a charging battery capacity decline. Losing electricity situation on time, the longer the heavier battery damage. Aside the carts need not when, therefore, should compensate electricity once a month, so can insist on the battery condition. 2, punctuality, check in the process of using, assuming the dining car journey of line continuation suddenly dropped dramatically within a short time, it may very well be the most rare a battery in the battery pack problem. At this point, should be repaired in a timely manner to sell centre or acting department view, correcting, or group. This can relatively extends battery life spans, save your spending. 3, to prevent the large current discharge electric diners at start, manned, uphill, as far as possible to prevent slammed on speeding up, the instantaneous large-current discharge. Large current discharge a brief lead to lead sulfate crystallization, physical function and harm the battery plate. 4, correctly grasp charge moment in the process of using, should according to the practice of electric diners condition accurately charging time, ice cream electric snack car factory, refer to the common use frequency and the status of the travel journey, master charging frequency. Be full of electricity running time is shorter after charging, cold drink electric snack car manufacturer, charging time shoulds not be too long, otherwise will constitute the overcharge, the battery heating. Charging excessive, excessive discharge and recharge lacks will shorten the battery life. 5, prevent sun electric diners to prevent exposure in the sun. High temperature environment can make the battery internal pressure to add and make the battery fluid loss, cause cell activity decline, speed up the plate aging.

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