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Please tell me what are the precautions when using the dining car

by:Jiexian     2021-08-12

As a professional snack truck manufacturer, when it comes to snack trucks, I believe everyone knows it. With the continuous development of the fast food industry, our snack trucks have also received more attention from users. Professionals will explain it for you, I hope it will be helpful to you.

The snack truck body produced by the snack truck manufacturer for you is made of new stainless steel plates, which are designed with lightness, environmental protection, high efficiency, and energy saving combined with modern machinery processing. It integrates barbecue, blanching, frying, and teppanyaki. It has the characteristics of fewer people, simple operation, fast production, and rich products. Gas heating operation mode, mobile business. But you also need to pay attention when using it. Check whether the filling LPG pipeline is connected before use. Open the gas main valve, press and turn the electronic ignition switch to the left, and the firepower can be adjusted after the burner is ignited. After use, turn off the ignition switch and the main gas source switch.

The above is the relevant content brought to you by the professionals of the snack truck manufacturer. If you want to know more exciting information, please check our website update in time, and we will continue to provide you with more exciting information Organize, stay tuned.

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